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December 2016: Your Patent Disclosure Matters!

An interesting case sheds some light on what a patent disclosure needs to make an invention patent eligible. In Apple, Inc. v. Ameranth, Inc., the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit provides a good lesson for what patentees should and should not do. According to the court, all of the claims for a restaurant, menu-based ordering app were drawn to an abstract idea, which is a judicially created exclusion preventing patentability of some inventions that seek claims covering too broad of an idea, without any limitations about how the idea is actually applied. Learn what you need in your patent disclosure here...

October 2016:Trademark Registrations Are Worthless?

I often tell clients of Paradies® law that a trademark starts out its life with no value and only becomes valuable as good will accrues with use the mark in commerce. This usually starts a conversation about what I mean by this, and a good discussion of just what a trademark is and does follows. Good will is a foreign concept to most clients, and many don't know that good will is an important intangible that can add value to a balance sheet. Learning that the value associated with a trademark can increase (or decrease) as customers identify your company as the source of a certain quality of goods or services is an important step in understanding trademarks as IP. How valuable? The google brand has been valued at more than $150 billion. Learn more here...